The Congress would not be possible without funding from the Neighborhood Councils, and partnership with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. We encourage all Neighborhood Councils to contribute to the Congress by completing the form linked in the button below. Sponsors will be promoted on this site and on the Congress social media accounts, and will also be recognized at the event. 


Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors for the 2020 NC Congress, including:

Olympic Park NC

Winnetka NC

Northridge East NC

NC Valley Village

Encino NC

Lake Balboa NC

North Hills West NC

Palms NC

Del Rey NC

Central Hollywood NC

Northridge South NC

Empowerment Congress North Area NC

Greater Wilshire NC

Thank you to the Neighborhood Councils who voted after the printing deadline.

Volunteers needed

If you or your fellow boardmembers or stakeholders would like to volunteer, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM. Learn more about the different volunteer opportunities available HERE.